Music Generation galway city

About us​​

Music Generation Galway City is a performance music education programme that provides opportunities to access a range of high-quality music experiences for children and young people across Galway City. Music Generation Galway City is part of Music Generation, Ireland’s National Music Education Programme which transforms the lives of children and young people through access to high-quality, subsidised performance music education. Established by its parent company Music Network, Music Generation is co-funded by U2, The Ireland Funds, the Department of Education and Skills and Local Music Education Partnerships.

Music Generation Galway City has a Local Music Education Partnership (LMEP) whose membership includes representatives of agencies with responsibility for children and young people across a range of areas including music, access, welfare, arts, creativity, well-being, inclusion and diversity. The LMEP meets three times a year and acts as an advisory group for the programme, reviewing needs and progressing programme development areas. Music Generation Galway City is managed and supported locally by the Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board, Galway City Council, Foróige, CYPSC, Galway City Partnership, Galway Childcare Committee, Youth Work Ireland Galway and Involve Youth Service. 

We believe in an Ireland where every child and young person is given the opportunity to transform their lives through the power of music making and learning.

music generation galway city

Mission statement​

Our mission is to empower children and young people to realise their full potential through access to, and participation in, high quality performance music education.

We believe it is every child and young person’s right to have the access and opportunity to participate as a musical citizen.

To this end, Music Generation Galway City delivers a multitude of music education opportunities to children and young people across the city. These opportunities are delivered during the pre-school, primary or secondary school day, in after-school settings such as youth clubs or tuition centres, in community settings such as libraries or family centres and in once-off music camps or workshops. Music Generation Galway City also offers performance opportunities to children and young people.