Réitígí is a programme of extra-curricular music activities for secondary school groups, delivered during the school day. Réitígí means “ready” (verb, plural).


In experiencing new and alternative aspects of music-making, young people ready themselves for life after school. The programme is ideal for transition year groups but can be designed around any age-group or whole-school group.


Our expert multi-instrumental musicians deliver programme content throughout the school year or in designated week-blocks. Programme options include tuition in:

  • Vocal / Choral Development: Working with a school choir, vocal group or developing the vocal skills of a particular class
  • Songwriting / Composition: Providing opportunities for students to learn about the techniques of song-writing and composition.
  • Instrument for small groups, including SEN students
  • Performance Music Technology: Students are introduced to all the technological aspects of music performance such as amplification, PA set up and recording