performance music education

Tailored to local needs.


Leanaigí (Follow)

Leanaigí is a performance music education programme for pre-school and primary school children delivered by suitably experienced Musician Educators.

A Musician Educator who specialises in whole class introductory and group early years tuition spends 30 minutes with each class/group during the school day on a weekly basis or can facilitate a 45 minute session for parent and toddlers in locations such as Libraries and Community Centers. Leanaigí engages children in active music-making through singing activities and games, rhythm, solfége and improvisation. The programme can take the form of “pre-instrumental” sessions (suited to junior classes) where singing, movement and games are the mainstay, or whole-class weekly sessions on a particular instrument(s). Once established, the programmes can give rise to ensembles, choir/singing groups and even school orchestras – anything is possible!

Leanaigí is not intended to replace or interfere with primary school music curriculum – get in touch to bring Leanaigí to your school, library or community!


Bailigí (Gather)

Bailigí means to “gather” – the gathering of children and young people into music-making groups can take place in schools (after school hours), in youth clubs and in community settings. Expert Musician Educators facilitate the group process in helping to choose appropriate material and offering technical guidance as to how to successfully play as a group. Making music in a group is a great way to make friends and develop social skills and it is also one of the simplest ways to make yourself feel good!

From an educational point of view, making music enhances listening, comprehension, multi-tasking, rhythm and harmony skills – get in touch to bring Bailigí to your youth service or community setting!


Réitígí (Ready)

Réitígí is a programme of extra-curricular music activities for secondary school groups, delivered during the school day. In experiencing new and alternative aspects of music-making, young people ready themselves for life after school. Our expert multi-instrumental musicians deliver programme content throughout the school year or in designated week-blocks. Programme options include tuition in:

  • Vocal / Choral Development: Working with a school choir, vocal group or developing the vocal skills of a particular class
  • Songwriting / Composition: Providing opportunities for students to learn about the techniques of song-writing and composition.
  • Instrument for small groups, including SEN students
  • Performance Music Technology: Students are introduced to all the technological aspects of music performance such as amplification, PA set up and recording

The programme is ideal for transition year groups but can be designed around any age-group or whole-school group – get in touch to arrange a session for your school!


Spreagaigí​ (Inspire)

Spreagaigí is our after-school programme, developed with partners in the community on behalf of the Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board to ensure that all young people in Galway have access to high-quality music performance education. Through this dynamic programme we provide affordable and engaging instrument, vocal, songwriting and music production clubs in youth-friendly settings across the city. 

Join an instrument, vocal, songwriting or music production club near you!