Draíocht: Youth Voices

In November 2022 Music Generation Galway City premiered the second in a series of impressive live music videos featuring brilliant young songwriters, musicians and bands from across Galway City. Draíocht: Youth Voices captures performances of original songs by some of the city’s most exciting young songwriting talent and promotes youth engagement in guiding the future of creativity and the arts in Galway.

Draíocht is Music Generation Galway City programme which promotes youth voices through a series of stunning live music videos. Beautifully filmed in the newly developed GCC Music Centre in Galway Community College, the series features young songwriters, musicians and bands from across Galway city performing their own songs and contributing their voices to a new sustainable vision for original music in Galway. 

Draíocht: Youth Voices is presented by Music Generation Galway City and supported locally by Creative Ireland’s Local Creative Youth Partnership with the GRETB.