Play & learn programmes

Our Musical Programmes

Leanagí  – Follow

For pre-schools and primary schools. offers pre-instrumental tuition (general musicianship skills) and tuition in various suitable instruments- strings, woodwind, ukulele and more

Spreagaigí – Inspire

In after-school “hubs” we teach specific instruments in small group settings. Children and young people inspire themselves & their peers through the acquired skill of learning their chosen instrument.

Bailigí – Gather

Multi-instrumental group music-making. Rock, pop, traditional, classical, choral – Bailigí is open to all genres. We gather in youth clubs, after-school clubs/hubs, youth community groups. 

Réitigí – Ready

Réitígí is a programme of extra-curricular music activities for secondary school groups, delivered during the school day. Réitígí means “ready” (verb, plural).