Leanagí – Primary/Pre-Schools

What is Leanaigí?  

Leanaigí is a performance music education programme for pre-school and primary school children. Suitably experienced musicians in schools will be placed by MGGC in schools to deliver this programme. A musician who specializes in whole class tuition will spend 30 minutes with each class/group during the school day on a weekly basis.

Programme Description  

Leanaigí is a child-centred performance music education approach which engages children in active music-making through singing activities and games, rhythm, solfége and improvisation. The programme can take the form of “pre-instrumental” sessions (suited to junior classes) where singing, movement and games are the mainstay.


It can also take the form of whole-class weekly sessions on a particular instrument(s) according to the availability of appropriate instrumental practitioners and the suitability of instruments for the large-group context. Once established, the programmes can give rise to ensembles, choir/singing groups and even school orchestras- anything is possible!


Leanaigí is not intended to replace or interfere with primary school music curriculum.