Got the Blues

Feel lately like you want to learn more about African American history? That’s understandable. Did you know that blues music is probably the most significant cultural chapter in that history? Yes, it all starts with the blues. Rock and roll came from the blues, jazz came from the blues, hip-hop (at least in its cultural significance) comes from the blues.

If you have a guitar, bass or keyboard at home and want to adapt your skills to learn some blues music, check out our 4-part series happening in July. Every Monday,  we’ll deliver this on Zoom, with the guidance of two fantastic Music Generation tutors (and blues fans!) Aidan Curran & David Curtis. They’ll have you grooving a 12- bar blues by the end of these 4 short weeks. All from the comfort of your own home!

Only 10 places available. Suitable for ages 12-18 years who have some prior ability on one or more of the above instruments.

To book your place, please download and complete this form here: FORM

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