Bailigí – Bands/Ensembles

What is Bailigí?  

Bailigí is a programme that offers children and young people opportunities to make music in a group capacity. That might mean participating in a traditional/folk group, a rock band, a classical music ensemble, a jazz ensemble, a vocal group or more.


If you already play an instrument and would like a chance to play with other people, this programme will present opportunity/opportunities to hone your skills further, meet new people, try a new genre. If you don’t play an instrument, there will be a suitable beginner group for you to join and Music Generation Galway City may be able to loan you an instrument (see below).

Programme Description  

Bailigí means to “gather” (plural). The gathering of children and young people into music-making groups can take place in schools (after school hours), in youth clubs, community settings.


Music Generation also has links with other existing youth music groups/ensembles in Galway city. Expert musician(s) facilitate the group process in helping to choose appropriate material/songs and offering technical guidance as to how to successfully play as a group.


Making music in a group is a great way to make friends and develop social skills and it is also one of the simplest ways to make yourself feel good! But from an educational point of view, it enhances listening, comprehension, multi-tasking, rhythm and harmony skills.